Hey U.G.L.Y. Bullying Prevention Initiatives

The Prevent Bullying Now and Hey U.G.L.Y.- Unique Gifted Lovable You message has reached over a million students through our work with schools, community organizations, youth development professionals and our: website, radio show, Empathy Learning Activity Plans, in-school presentations and teen/tween task force programs to end bullying, obesity and racism. Since the number one influencer of teens and tweens is their peers, with media and family coming in second and third, we design all of our programs to empower the students to be a part of the solution. We do this through the following initiatives:

1.  The HeyUGLY.org website for tweens and teens (adults admit liking this site too) which includes cool celebrity quotes about self-esteem and body image.

2.  Prevent Bullying Now Task Force Curriculum which guides student leadership groups to create school-wide programs to unite and empower the student body in prevention initiatives. Included in the curriculum are our proprietary Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAPs) available to schools and youth serving organizations. According to Principal, Dr. Sue Bryant, "Hey U.G.L.Y.'s empathy learning activity plans are more impactful on teens and tweens because they work in two very different areas of learning:  academic understanding and emotional experience. For the learning to go deeper it is necessary that the learning actually shape behavior. This is where Hey UGLY's program is special and powerful. Every lesson creates an emotional experience, an 'aha moment', for the learner, and then records the feeling in some way. Students leave the learning setting with new emotional understanding about what it means to live in a successful human community."

3. Stop Bullying Presentations featuring American Idol Contestant, Devyn Rush, Biggest Loser Contestant, Dan Evans and former WGN-TV personaility, Sporty King. These inspiring anti-bullying/self-esteem and empathy-building speakers present at school assemblies and teacher trainings. After a recent presentation to middle-school and Jr.-high school students:

     93% now recognize when they are having negative judgments against themselves and others
     83% state they learned how to cancel out negative judgments and replace them with positive thought

     87% have not been bullied since the presentation;

     86% reported not bullying anyone

4. Bullying Bystanders Unite - pledge program educating youth and adults on how to safely come to the aid of someone being bullied

5.  Our CHOOSE TO Change Radio Show which features songs that nurture positive self-esteem and promote diversity, perseverance, peace and a healthy planet. Songs are suggested by tweens and teens who are guest DJs on the show. After we play the song we discuss the lyrics and how they could help kids across the world.

o   Acronym contest where we ask tweens & teens to come up with positive acronyms for negative words like DORK, HATE, RACISM, STUPID or LOSER.
  Essay contest where we ask teens to write why it's important to have good self-esteem.
o   Stop Bullying Video contest
where teens and tweens create films to show that bullying is not cool.

7.  HUE-MAN BEING Project(tm) which is a diversity-driven program to impress upon students, and illuminate to adults that we are all brothers and sisters simply "hued" variously. (Art and music components available)

8.  Project Apologize which encourages youth, and adults, to take responsibility for their bullying behaviors by seeking out those they have bullied and apologizing.

9.  SEEIT MOVIE RECOMMENDATION program where teens review youth-themed movies and write movie review/recommendations on why teens/tweens should or should not see the movie.

10. Love Yourself Enough Campaign to empower youth to take the steps THEY individually need to be whole and live their lives ON PURPOSE. 

11.  Suicide Prevention to help those bullied, those who exhibit bullying behaviors and bystanders get in touch with and heal the pain inside of them.

12.  CyberBullied Unite to empower youth to join forces to not allow hate to reside on their minds, body or souls. To stand up for themselves and their fellow students.

13.  Self-esteem and diversity-building marketing initiatives.