Prevent Bullying Now For Educators and Youth Advocates
You are in the right place if you are an educator or youth worker
who is looking for solution-based programs that change behavior:

Ö  bullying prevention/social justice program;
Ö  world-class anti-bullying celebrity speakers;
Ö  bullying prevention task force program;
Ö  self-esteem/empathy-building activities.

Our programs and speakers have been endorsed by educators,
counselors, parents and most importantly students aged 7 to 17. 

"When I found Hey U.G.L.Y. I thought hallelujah, someone gets it! Not only do they understand the potential causes and types of bullying besieging our youth, but they have put it into learning activities that enable our children to emotionally experience, assimilate and be empowered. The activities engage participants minds and bodies and provide "aha moments" of clarity, empathy and emotional growth. Hey U.G.L.Y. learning opportunities build self-esteem and deliver diversity building messages, give participants the opportunity to recognize and test preconceived beliefs, and explore, challenge and change personal opinions and values. Participants come to understand the harm that can be inflicted by cyberbullying and how to identify positive role models. If we want to eradicate bullying, then we must equip our youth with the essential tools! Schools everywhere need to enlighten and empower our youth to stop bullying and start caring! Hey U.G.L.Y. does this and more." Jerri Karel, MSW

More endorsements from Educators and Students

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