Dan Evans helps students understand the importance of loving and respecting themselves in order to break free from self-defeating behaviors like smoking, drinking and drugs. He also makes it clear that behaviors like drama, victimhood, anger and most importantly self-bullying all stem from a lack of self-worth.

Dan grew up captivated by a love of music and a dream of sharing it with any available audience. He spent his teenage years honing his skills on the guitar and piano, and later, welcomed the challenge of writing and performing his own songs. But even as his popularity increased with young audiences in the Chicago area, a single shadow loomed over his aspirations -- his constant battle with obesity and self-esteem.

At age 21, his lifelong battle with the scale and his own insecurities came to ascreeching halt in 2008 when Dan and his mother, Jackie, were chosen to become contestants on season five of NBC's hit reality television show, The Biggest Loser.

Dan Evans quickly became a household name amongst the show's 18 million viewers. He lost 136 pounds and, subsequently, found the doors to his childhood dreams flung wide open. He became a country singer with his first CD, GOIN' ALL OUT ranking #7 on the Country Billboard Charts.

In our interactive assembly he share this story along with two of his inspiring songs.  His song, LETTER TO MY ADDICTION, is a powerful anthem to the joys of overcoming obstacles. GOIN' ALL OUT tells the story of never giving up on your dream no matter who is telling you that you'll never make it.

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Rolling Prairie Elementary, Rolling Prairie, Indiana

"Hey U.G.L.Y. Presenter Dan Evans was engaging to all ages of our student elementary school population.  Marrying his current music with powerfully inspiring lyrics, along with  personal testimony,  his words spoke directly to our students and the experiences they too are facing.  His energy created an environment of self reflection for the bullied as well as the bully, while feathering the delivery with genuine affection and understanding.  Our students were able to leave the presentation with real life tools to assist them in combating bullying."
 Melissa Kuczmanski / School Guidance Counselor

"Dan's presentation helped me not to call Luke fat."  3rd Grade Student

"It really helped me with a lot of anger things." 3rd Grade Student

"After the presentation I was so nice to people and because of that it changed my mind.
It was just so awesome." 3rd Grade Student

Excelsior Youth Center, Aurora, Colorado

"I learned to not self-bully and to not let people bully me. I liked the music and guitar." 4th Grade Student

"Dan helped me ' squish out' my self-bullying. When a negative thought comes into my mind I just think of Dan and his presentation, then I push out the negative thought and put in a positive thought." 5th Grade Student

"This made me feel so happy because now I know not to make fun of myself." 4th Grade Student

"He helped me realize that sometimes when my friends call me a bully they're telling the truth. I realize now that I have got to stop bullying. I am trying to change me." 5th Grade Student

"This program made me more self-confident and made me watch my temper when people make me mad." 5th Grade Student

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