Category: Body Image

Yara Shahidi

“”Everyone has dealt with their share of random negative comments. It all comes down to how you handle it. For me, it’s about having constructive conversations instead of ignoring the issue. I found a lot of success in saying: Hey,  wondering why you feel that way? And this is how I feel.”  Seventeen Magazine

Tiffany Haddish

“Kids would tease me all the time. They’d say I got flies on me and I smell like onions. There was one nickname that stuck: Dirty Ass Unicorn. I had a wart on my forehead. It was spiky and big and I could not hide it. All I could do was hurt myself. I would take scissors and try to cut off my horn. it would bleed down my face. Hurting myself made them stop hurting me and care about me. Finally I went to a doctor and they burn that s–t off.”  People Magazine