Why I’m Glad I didn’t take my life

The amazing people in the videos on this page have survived suicidal thoughts, and in some cases, attempts. They are now living awesome lives beyond anything they ever dreamed. These real life stories show us that life not only gets better, but cooler than we can imagine. Watch, learn and share their insights on how pain is temporary. Getting through the dark time helps us become the person we are supposed to be. Who better to be a therapist than someone who overcame deep pain.

Some of these videos will touch you deeply while others may make you think – that’s not so bad, they should try dealing with all the stuff I’m going through. It is extremely important to remember that this is not a competition … all pain is the same.  If you know someone who you expect is suicidal, reach out to them. Listen to them and please tell them about this page. You could be saving a life! 

Sanah Jivani

Kevin Hines

Lauren Malott

Rhett Miller

Travis Bryant

Mark Henick

Lil Sylnc

Ari Zizzo

Nick Vujicic