Why I’m Glad I didn’t take my life

Why I'm Glad I Didn't Take My Life

The team at Hey U.G.L.Y. knows there are thousands of powerful stories from people who overcame their suicidal thoughts to achieve beyond anything they could have dreamed. We want to showcase those stories here, so please send us your story. If you do not want your name mentioned we will honor that. The key is to inspire those who don’t see any hope to have HOPE!!!  To understand that pain is temporary. Real life stories can help.
Email your story to: PreventBullyingNow@heyugly.org
and we’ll post your story here. It can be anonymous if you like. 
The following stories are true accounts. Some will tear your heart out, others may make you think – that’s not so bad, they should try dealing with all the stuff I’m dealing with. The key to remember is: all pain is the same. To one person, not making the team, is as painful as another person going through a difficult break-up or dealing with bullies telling them to kill themself. We know it sounds cray cray, but it’s true. At Hey U.G.L.Y., we’ve lost friends to suicide and don’t think there is any pain worse. But we are NOT going to measure another person’s pain based on that. We want to honor everyone’s pain and celebrate their finding ways to not let the pain control them.

In Hey U.G.L.Y.’s DEAL FEEL HEAL Boot Camp,
we asked students to give us advice on what to do with emotional pain. 
Click here to read what they have to say.

Sanah Jivani with Demi Lovato

Brett Loewenstern for HeyUGLY.org

If you would like to share YOUR story
Email it to: PreventBullyingNow@heyugly.org
We will post it with your name or as annonymous.
It is up to you.

Ari Zizzo subject of 3 GENERATIONS Movie