Be Brave

B E    B R A V E    C A M P A I G N

Hey U.G.L.Y.’s Be Brave Campaign was inspired by Lizzie Velasquez and her powerful story of being called the ugliest person on the planet. She was told to go kill herself by a cyberhater.
Instead of giving in to the haters she fought back in a different way.


Please see the movie about Lizzie’s life called, A BRAVE HEART. We hope you will get a chance to see this movie and share it with your classmates. You can get the DVD by clicking here. You may also be able to view it on YouTube. Once you watch this film you will never give bullies the power to hurt you. And, if you are a bully, you will stop bullying. 


So many of us have done things that required courage. Please share one of your stories with us so we can inspire others by YOUR bravery. With your permission, we will post it on our website where students all over the world can learn from you!



Each year we receive nominations from students for our U.G.L.Y. Celebrity Of The Year Award.  Click here for details on how to nominate your favorite role model celebrity. We need your nomination no later than December 15th of this year.