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H E L P   L I N E S !

Crisis Text Lines
U.S. = HOME to 741741
U.K. = SHOUT to 85258
Canada = HOME to 686868

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
800-273-TALK (8255)

Suicide Help Line 800-SUICIDE

Trevor Suicide Help Line
866 488 7386

Remedy Live – 24 Hour Anonymous Chat

Dating Violence Helpline for Teens
866-331-9474  or text “lovels” to 22522

Domestic Violence Hotline

ANAD Nat’l Assoc. of Anorexia
& Associated Disorders

National Youth Crisis Hotline

Youth America Hotline!

Child Abuse Hotline

National Eating Disorders Association

If you or a friend are in need of help don’t hesitate to call any of the HELP LINES on this page.  The people answering the phones really do care about helping you and they can keep you anonymous. Some have even been through similar pain that you are experiencing and they can help you get through this tough time. Some of them have been helped by help lines and they are now dedicating their lives to being there for YOU.

Bullying, break ups, abuse and date violence can affect you in many ways. You may feel hopeless, helpless and have thoughts of hurting yourself. If you are feeling that way please call one of the helplines on this page. Also, click here for suicide prevention tips.

suicide prevention

  The pain you think you
can no longer handle
WILL go away.

When you’re in the middle of the pain, we know it’s hard to imagine it ever going away so we created the SORE THROAT analogy. Remember the last time you had a horrible sore throat? Each time you swallowed it hurt so bad you could hardly imagine the pain ever going away. But you and I know it DID go away. We can remember how bad our throat hurt but, once we get through the illness, our throat no longer hurts.

We don’t mean to diminish the pain any of us suffer from emotional situations by comparing it to a sore throat, but that illustration can help you know you WILL get through this. And check this out: maybe you are going through all of this pain because it will help you become who it is you are supposed to be. Maybe you will become a therapist or school counselor. Who could be better at helping a student overcome this type of pain than someone who actually knows what you are going through? And, if your pain is because of a breakup, just know that it is opening a path for a more supportive, kinder boyfriend or girlfriend.

One last point –   when you had that sore throat you probably went to a doctor or other expert who helped you get over it, right? Well, there are experts out there to help you with your emotional inner pain too. Check out the help lines on this page and talk to your school counselor or a therapist. It really does help.

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