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THIS WEDNESDAY’S CHOOSE TO CHANGE RADIO SHOW features songs by Stephen Bruce of LaPorte, Indiana who will be in studio with us. If you know anyone who is struggling with life and has suicidal thoughts make sure they tune into this show and also check out our Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Take My Life page on this website.

    S c r o l l   d o w n   t o   r e a d   t h e   l y r i c s

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 first aired in May of 2008. It was the nation’s first radio show that allowed listeners to read the lyrics as the songs play. Teen guest DJs suggest songs that either inspire positive  self-esteem, equality, a healthy planet, peace, diversity or never giving up. After each song we discuss the message of the lyrics and how these songs can help youth, all over the world, choose to change things about themselves that may be holding them back from a life free of not feeling “good enough” and the self-bullying that results from feeling that way. 

If you’d like to suggest songs for us to play and discuss, email the lyrics to: If we use it on our show, we’ll send you a FREE T-shirt.

Our theme song is CHANGE YOUR MIND by Sister Hazel.  We love this band!
h o o s e   o   h a n g e  streams worldwide on WRHC-FM

L  Y  R  I  C  S

Air Date  October 16, 2019

NEVER SAY GOODBYE by Stephen Bruce

You try not to let your heart show
Tugging at your sleeves you know
Everyone can see you’re not okay, no way
You force a smile anyway

You can’t hide your eyes
Tell me what you’re feeling no more lies, no lies
I can see your life is spinning out of control
Oh, but you’re not alone

I’ll never say goodbye
I’ll be right by your side
Through the darkest times
Even when you’re feeling like you’re turned around and upside down
Losing hope in this life
I’ll never say goodbye

You’re losing the will to go on
Your days are dark and nights are so long, so wrong
Let me be the one to help you endure the pain
Don’t keep pushing me away

Hold on to me I’ll never let you go
Through the highest highs and to the darkest depths below
You’re not alone


Nearly ended it twice before
But not this time
The knives are still in the drawer

The memories don’t fade away
But God is by my side
I am strong and unafraid
I am strong and unafraid

I won’t let life break me down
Still got a lot of living left to do
I’ll pick myself up off the ground
This is my promise from me to you
I won’t attempt to leave you

The darkness tried to destroy me
But I’m still alive
Heaven shined its light on me
And saved my life
He saved my life


So much anger so much hate
Are we sealing our own fate?
Shouting from every side
Of this great divide

I’ll rise up and stand strong
And let these words be my battle song
Love conquers everything
Hear me sing

Even when the city’s burning
Hate raging hearts are turning
I choose love over everything
Even when the stars are falling
Fear rising hear me calling out
Love is everything
I choose love over everything

Has the whole world lost it’s mind?
What has happened to mankind?
But I am gonna try to love

All the smoke
Burning my mournful eyes
But through the fire I see hope
As He splits the darkened skies

CLEAN GETAWAY by Stephen Bruce

I watch the sun go low
Smokin’ a stale cigar
I wanna take you by the hand and drive away in our car
I’ll step on the gas
‘Cause we’re going nowhere and we’re getting there fast
Oh girl, how much longer can we last?

Let’s make our clean getaway
There’s nothing left let’s leave today
Leave this pain behind us
We need a fresh start where only hope can find us
Clean getaway

I saw the sunrise
First time in a long while
I forgot about our troubles stacked up for miles and miles
A calm came over me
That I can’t explain and but I gotta believe
Take my hand it’ll be alright baby

This is our chance to go on the run
Wandering nomads following the sun