Do you know your inner child?

                         DO YOU KNOW YOUR WOUNDED INNER CHILD?

Bullies report sometimes bullying others because a fit of rage comes over them. Similarly, victims of bullying report allowing themselves to be abused instead of standing up for themselves. Both the bully and bullied say it seems as if 
another person has taken over their body. Experts believe it is the Wounded Inner Child who has taken over. Watch this video to learn how to tame him/her.


Working with American Idol Contestant, Devyn Rush, we have created an emotional awareness campaign to help you heal your bullied inner child. Check it out. It’s available to your school.
PUZZLER: Somewhere on the picture to your left is a tiny “little Devyn.” A lot of people can’t find it but we bet YOU can. When you find it, email telling us where it’s located on her picture.
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Devyn Rush is a living example of Wounded Inner Child struggles. In middle school Rush was bullied. She was one of those kids who wouldn’t want to go to school and would leave school early. Once she discovered her Wounded Inner Child, which she calls Little Devyn, she learned how to treat herself with love and nurturing.

“People negatively judge others when their Wounded Inner Child is making them feel insecure,” explained Rush. “When I’m feeling awesome then I view everyone else as awesome, but when I’m feeling bad about myself I now recognize that it’s my scared Wounded Inner Child who is causing me to act out. Recognizing that its my Wounded Inner Child who is triggering me to react is the first step to stop me from being a bully or a victim. The next step is to calm my Wounded Inner Child by reassuring her that I love her and think she is worthy, smart, kind and wonderful. I’ve developed techniques to help me change my perspective and elevate my feelings. These are skills I want to teach the youth of today.”

To help youth across the globe get in touch with their Wounded Inner Child, this Los Angeles -based singer/songwriter/entertainment and certified trauma-sensitive yoga teacher has joined the nonprofit, Hey U.G.L.Y. – Unique Gifted Lovable You, in their campaign to empower youth to be part of the solution to bullying, substance abuse and suicide.