Hue-man being project curriculum

Mandated Learning Standards
Language Arts/Health & Wellness, Point of View, Music, Art
This activity sets the foundation for Hey U.G.L.Y.’s self-esteem and empathy-building program. Please execute this activity before any other ELAP.

Learning Outcomes of the Hue-man Being Project
Upon completion of this ELAP your students will be able to:

Identify how their negative thoughts affect themselves and others
Assume responsibility for how they view others
Recognize when they are negatively judging themselves and others
Understand how their negative self-thoughts impact their daily lives
Have empathy for themselves and others by converting negative judgments into positive judgments

Teach students how to recognize when they are negatively judging and stereotyping others and themselves

Show them how to replace negative judgments with positive ones

Impress upon students the connection we share in spite of our skin being hued differently

This activity is designed to help teens and pre-teens realize that they have much in common with their fellow humans of varying races. The HUE of our skin should not keep us from interconnecting and creating a world of harmony and hue-manity.

NOTE TO FACILITATORS: Go to to see a mini-documentary of the Hue-Man Being Art Project including the circle exercise and a feature segment by Linda Ellerbee on Nick News.

HUE-MAN BEING PROJECT     $63.50  Art & Music Component Included