What youth say about bullying


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A way to stop bullying or at least to not let it grow is if they attack you with hate, DO NOT retaliate with hate ! All the bully wants is to see you on angry and distraught. Anger is a sharp word. Don’t let anger be apart of your mind set, let positivity replace it. It may be a negative situation, but positivity can drown it out. Don’t retaliate with negativity, come back with the positive fact that you are to strong to let a bully’s words push you down.  Danielle Medina

My opinion is the only real way to stop bullying is to band together , to help someone up who has fallen get back up and to help others when there in need.To stick up for someone and say “hay , thats wrong!” Bullying will only end if we stop feeding others to the sharks in order not be the blood in the water. Coco Neucaro

I as bullied just this previous year in high school and the girl never stopped to look at herself to realize the impact she had on my life. For the youth the stop bullying, they have to be happy with themselves and change what they don’t like in themselves to feel peace within and not to take it out on the innocent.  Becca Walleshauser

Haters are going to hate. So let them. It just means that they’re jealous of something you have. No matter how much a hater hates, don’t let that change your fate. Everyone tells people to speak up to bullying but how could they if no one is there to listen? I think the world today not only needs help with bullying but it also needs to listen more.  Alexa Schmidt

If some teacher came up to me and asked why there was nobody sitting at my table. I would have answered popular is a very interesting word in summit. It means beautiful and rich here. If you are not part of the click, you HAVE to be identified as a slut or an ugly face. Of course I have to be put in one of the catigouries. They put me as both. Some people ask me why I don’t have any hatred in my soul. I can answer that without thinking twice. I know that these “popular” kids have kindness deep down. They are just too afraid to share it with people. They hide it by thinking that they are kind. I am ok if they think what they are doing to people is”kind”. But, if they have to think about what they are doing more than once, right then and there is a huge problem. If they found that problem and still didn’t do anything about it, they are hiding it and procrastinating its repairs. Therefore popular is not in my dictonary at any point of time during the day. I can also relate to if my parents think that hitting is fine and they are doing it from the kindness of their heart, I will follow through with it. My screams and pain will not show i nthe future, but my heart is what is most needed in life. So, when I grow up, I don’t care if I am homeless or I have no job. What makes a true person is their heart not if they are popular. Everybody knows, that if you live in sumit and you are popular. You have everthing that yo uhave ever asked for in life. Tantalizing guilt will form over them as they grow older, and a new shell will apear hopefully. If they realize what they are doing is hurting both themselves and people around them. so, if someone asks me why I don’t have any friends at my table I would say simply because I have a heart, and there is nothing to it. People that hurt you just haven’t found their beloved lost heart yet. This is why I am not filled with hatred, but I am full of kindness. This is because some peopel haven’t found their heart and they just need more time for them to venture on and find it. I had a very interesting adventure when I had to find my heart. Now, all peopel have to do, is find theirs. Nishka Seth

My opinion in bullying is never do it. Young kids think its ok too bully. Its not they do it for a reason. But why? My defenition of bullying is when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose. The person whose getting bullied has a hard time defending themselves. It may appear that many principals are not doing enough to prevent such heinous acts. There are thousands of people dieing of bullying. Why do bullys bully. Its maybe that their parents have given up on raising their children on being model citizens. It doesn’t matter if your black or white. The truth of the matter is we all need to help in eliminating bullying. We should wear braceletes to prove your not a bully. It will help a lot. WHY??????? People get pushed aroung felling harmed or shamed full. Some schools are not bully free because there are no adults around to watch them. Even if they try to say you’re ugly. Or HI UGLY ignore it. Mind your buisness and they need to mind their buisness. Just walk away there does not need to be a big conflict. Bullying can be comitted as a crime.

1. The bully may cause a big problem
2. The bully can make the doormat feel harmed
3. Either the bully doesn’t have anything to or it just wants to mess with people
4. It may have family problems more like divorce or splitting up         Lashawnti L.

Bullies try their best to put others down and make them feel low, just because they feel low on the inside. But don’t ever let anyone stop you from shining just because they’re having a rainy day.  Tiana Lewis

Everyone is bullied; everyday kids are bullied. The bullies are going to bully no matter what, and what people have to realize is its not always the bullies fault. Sometimes it’s things at home, sometimes it other things going on in your life. The teens being bullied just have to realize that they are better. They aren’t what they are being called or told about themselves.  They are unique. They are beautiful.
Just push past what’s being said to you. I’ve been bullied before and my friends picked me up. You just need your friends and family and you need to realize you are more. You are you and that’s more than enough.  Kyle Bruce

What most people fail to realize, is that bullying is actually a HUGE domino effect!.. a chain reaction! And the cause of it? None other than SELF bullying. No one would ever think to even consider that maybe the person making you feel so terrible.. actually feels exactly how you do. Most of the time, even the bullies themselves don’t understand why they do it. But in reality, the explanation is quite simple. The only reason people bully, is to make others feel the same way they feel! They are unsure about themselves and the only thing that makes them feel powerful, is the power they have over others that allows them to make others feel weak and lose confidence. And the weaker a bully makes you feel, the stronger the bully feels; and the confidence that you lose, the bully gains. Bullying is like a drug. Once you start, it is very hard to stop. When a bully makes you feel weak and worthless; he bully feels powerful and unstoppable. They feel on top of the world, and they are scared that if they stop bullying, then THEY will become weak and worthless.

 The only way to assure these confused kids, are to help them realize that there is more to life than bullying. They need to know that they can become just as powerful (maybe even MORE) if they just stop feeling so bad about themselves and realize how amazing they truly are. Once they realize how much they have to offer to the world … They can finally feel good and confident enough to let go of their thirst to bully, and instead, replace it with something great- and can finally thirst for the ability to find and aim for their unique goals in life.

Kids who bully aren’t evil or heartless; they are simply misunderstood and lost in their own emotions. People need to understand that every bully was once the victim; and all they need is a little guidance, confidence, and love to help them move toward the path of the life of a successful, caring, understanding person.  Alyssa Nicole Leblanc

Don’t let bullying bring you down, stand up and put your foot down. Put a stop to the bullying! Destiny Robb

Bullying hurts in every way, it breaks down your outside shell and punctures what you have on the inside. You can fall 7 times but you
have to learn how to get up 8 and show that you’re stronger than that … that you believe in yourself and you love yourself just the way you are.  Jordan Ference

1.  Look at them in the eye and say stop but have pride in yourself
2.  Talk to the nearest adult about what has been happening
3.  Ignore them show you don’t care (if what they say ain’t true then forget about them. At least you know its false-just a lie)  Arianna Orellana

If we want to think about stopping bullying, we first have to lose the ignorance that seems to be stuck in a teenagers mind. We need to realize that people are different, and nothing we say can change them, all we can do is accept them for who they are and live with it. Mekenzi Begley