You are unique

If you’ve ever watched any of the many crime / forensic television shows, you have seen DNA used to determine who did the crime. The fact that each of us have our very own DNA – DNA that nobody else has, fingerprints that nobody else has, tells us that each of us is UNIQUE. Add to that all the various ways each of us has different points of view, ideas, talents and unique ways of relating to others we should all take great joy in knowing we are — special. YES!!!  We are all special and have a SPECIAL purpose.  To find your special purpose pay close attention to what your passion is…what brings you joy? What do you love doing? What do you easily excel at? Then follow that passion. Most successful people say they followed what gave them joy and the rest just came about.

Unique is the first word in our name, Hey U.G.L.Y.  UNIQUE GIFTED LOVABLE YOU. We use this word in our name to celebrate YOUR individuality. Don’t let anyone every make you feel like you are not good enough. You are more than good enough, you are here to do something amazing. Never forget that.

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Tell us something amazing you have done, or that you plan to do with your unique gifts, and we’ll post it on our website! Just email your wisdom.