You are not alone

Unfortunately, we all go through tough times in our lives.

Experts say it’s the tough times that help us to become who it is we are supposed to be.

All of us at Hey U.G.L.Y. would not give up one second of the pain we suffered from being bullied, having our hearts broken, dealing with racism, feeling suicidal, etc. because…
it led us to be doing the work we are doing to help YOU.


One thing that helps us get through tough times, is to understand that we are not alone. The other thing that really helps is to know those who have suffered what we are suffering have gone on to achieve their dreams. This gives us HOPE which helps us weather the storms of these pains knowing a rainbow awaits us in the future. 

We have researched famous people who have suffered a lot of the things we go through, from mental health issues to being abused. If there is a category you’d like us to add, email

So, if anyone bullies you because of one of the following things, you can point to the following famous people who have survived, then let them know you intend to also!!!!

Watch this cool MTV video to see you truly are not alone.


Are Adopted bb
Grew up with out a mother
Grew up with out a father bb
Survived Their Parents Divorces


Bi-Polar Clinical Depression bb

Abusive relationships
Racially Profiled bb


Overcame Addiction bb
Stutter Speech Impediment bb
Raped Or Sexually Abused bb
Biracial Parents
Jail Prison bb
Imprisoned Parents

If you have any categories you’d like us to add, please email them to us at:

If content on this page helped you, please share with your friends and school counselor. Thank You

is an empowering new song Hey U.G.L.Y. co-founder, Betty Hoeffner wrote with singer/songwriter Wendy Martin to help you understand that you are not alone in your pain. The popular kids can also be in a lot of pain. Sometimes, someone you think has great self-esteem, could be someone who is just hiding their deep feelings of unworthiness. Check out our self-bullying page and our feel good about you page. Please share with anyone you know who may be suffering from feeling alone. Click picture to listen.