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Fashion That Starts Conversations

People who wear our gear tell us strangers come up to them asking about the message they are wearing. From preventing bullying, racism, or spreading ways to stay in joy, our shirts give YOU the opportunity to start conversations on self-worth, kindness and bullying/suicide prevention with everyone you meet. Click here to check out our cool fashions.

Thanks for helping us to make a difference.

– CEO & Co-founder Betty Hoeffner


Our fun playing cards and games have been endorsed by therapists, counselors and educators as a great way to have fun discovering, discussing, and embracing your emotions. Based on the philosophy that all feelings can be narrowed down to two categories…Love and Fear, Hey U.G.L.Y.’s 52 card deck has 25 love energy cards and 25 fear energy cards with two ‘Gratitude’ wild cards. We chose gratitude because that state of being can repel negativity which allows our inner joy and love to shine.

Our games and exercises can help you live life consciously so you can turn negative self-talk into positives.


This book is a must read for anyone being bullied and those who want to stop the insanity of this behavior. It chronicles the harrowing story of a Mexican-American boy’s journey through eight years of physical, mental and emotional bullying in elementary, middle and high school. He was bullied not only by white kids, but also by Mexican students who taunted him for being born in the U. S. This young boy tells of having a gun put to his head by a bully who told him, “Today is your last day.” He further reports having no one to help him deal with his pain, fear and desperation. He finally sought solace by suffered from depression, cutting and frequent suicidal thoughts.
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Things got so bad he sought solace by joining a gang which led to him becoming a gang recruiter. He was saved by Hey U.G.L.Y. – Unique Gifted Lovable You, a national nonprofit organization that empowers youth to be part of the solution to bullying and suicide attempts; plus a the love of an amazing woman who stood by him and has, as of this writing, blessed him with three wonderful children. Today he is an involved father, sits on the board of directors of Hey U.G.L.Y., and is making music to inspire everyone to love and embrace each other. His rap name is Lil Sylnc, pronounced silence, to illustrate the importance of not being silent about your pain but rather about listening to others share theirs. He hopes this book will give victims of bullying the tools they need to not only survive but learn how to be part of the solution to this damaging behavior. [/expand]


Students, aged 9 to 17, share their art, insights and arguments for ending racism in this book created from Hey U.G.L.Y.’s Hue-Man Being Project®.

The project was developed to teach students – and ultimately have them teach adults—the importance of all races living together in harmony.

Art experts selected the 50 most representative works that are featured in this book and available to art centers for display and education.

15 year-old Shayna Shelton drew the picture on the left and wrote: “Why is race the first thing we see? It should be how big our heart is and how much we have to contribute.”

We hope this book will fill your heart.


Be the You YOU want to be

DEAL FEEL HEAL is a book that can help you become the You YOU want to be. It is full of stories from a former bully who was also bullied. Some of the stories will shock you, while others will make you laugh and cry. It was written with students to help people who do not know how to deal with their emotional pain. Whether coming from homes where a cycle of domestic abuse exists and/or suffering the daily barrage of bullying, stress and pressure, these students are numbing their emotional pain with violence, food, alcohol, drugs, self-injury and,in some cases, ending their lives.

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“I tuned into Steve Harvey‘s afternoon show and one of his segments was on bullying, a subject I know more than I ever wanted to as a victim of bullying myself. One of the guests was Betty Hoeffner who is co-founder of Hey U.G.LY. (Unique Gifted Loveable You), a nonprofit organization dedicated to stop bullying, being bullied and teen suicide.  I knew I had to get involved so I emailed to inquire. A few days later I recieved a response from Betty herself! She sent me a care package including a book she authored called, “DEAL FEEL HEAL.” This is a must read  guide for understanding, and healing, emotional pain so you CAN become the you you want to beOnce I started reading I couldn’t stop. This book really speaks to pain, codependency, self worth and the dangers of hiding true feelings or, as Betty calls it, “stuffing our feelings.”  The book is funny, sad, spiritual and vastly informative. There are exercises for kids and schools to help understand why bullying is happening and how to deal. If you have ever been a bully, been bullied, know a child or teen that is a bully or is being bullied, I encourage you to be about it. Please visit and get involved. Donate, buy the book, support! Bullying is no joke and babies are taking their lives everyday because they can’t cope. I have been there. Betty is amazing and I believe God put us together. Let’s do this together! Stop Bullying Now!”  Sandra Day [/expand] 


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: The Stop Bullying Handbook is a vital resource for helping you and your friends end bullying. If you are being bullied or know someone who is, this book will help you. Sometimes it’s difficult for adults to understand the full impact of what you and your friends go through. This handbook was designed to give you a voice against bullying and the courage to be part of THE SOLUTION.

Throughout the book you will be asked to email us your wisdom. Once you complete the book you will be certified to lead a school assembly and teach younger students what you learned. You truly can be part of the solution to bullying.


Do you ever wish you looked like someone else? Or that you could skip school because you feel self-conscious about your appearance? Do you think you’re fat or ugly, even though everyone says you’re fine? So many girls have these kinds of feelings from time to time. The important thing is to find ways of coping with them so they don’t stop you from living your life. Picture Perfect will help you see how other girls who struggle with liking themselves have found solutions that really help them feel better about who they are–and their stories will show you ways to feel better too!
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Jill Zimmerman Rutledge counsels girls with body-image issues and understands that many girls feel they need to be a ‘perfect’ all-around girl–including having a ‘perfect’ appearance. Read other girls’ stories about feeling unattractive, worrying about food and weight, finding a unique style, dealing with mean girls–and much more. You’ll see how they use positive messages or Special Statements, like ‘A beautiful thing is never perfect’ or ‘I’m a creative chick, not a carbon copy,’ to calm down their insecurities. Learn how to discover your own Special Statements and Action Plans so that you too can begin to see your own true beauty–and feel as picture perfect as you already are!

Jill Zimmerman Rutledge, M.S.W., LCSW, is a psychotherapist who has worked with adolescent girls and young women for over twenty years. She is a consultant for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) and has been featured in numerous publications, including YM, Teen People, and Daughters. Visit the author at [/expand]


 P O S T E R S

18″ x 24″  $22

18″ x 24″  $22

18″ x 24″  $22

18″ x 24″  $22

18″ x 24″  $22

18″ x 24″  $22


A C T I V I T Y   P L A N S


STOP BULLYING TASK FORCE PROGRAM – Turn-key bullying/suicide/school shooting prevention curriculum $250.00  Click to watch video of a student-led assembly

INCLUDES:  o Easy-to-use Facilitators Guide   20 Stop Bullying Handbooks   Student-led School Assembly Presentation script including power point presentation with embedded videos   Fill-in-the-blanks Press Release  o Fill-in-the-blanks Mayoral Proclamation request    Bullying Bystanders Unite   o Cyberbullying    12 Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAP) All contain mandated learning standards

This character development, evidence-based,  peer-to-peer guided learning experience is endorsed by educators, counselors and, most importantly, students.

Upon completion of this easy-to-execute program, your students will be able to:

o Understand the type of person the bully targets and why
o Avoid and protect themselves and others from those who bully
o Take responsibility for their own bullying tendencies and learn how to ‘choose to change’ their behavior
o Know what to do when bullying happens to them or others (physical/emotional/cyber)
o Institute a school-wide program
o Conduct a school assembly to share what they learned

Social-Emotional Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAP) for Sustainability

EMPATHY LEARNING ACTIVITY PLANS BOOK    $260.00   Contains all of the Individual ELAPs listed below at a $20+ savings to you!

“Hey U.G.L.Y.’s Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAP) are more impactful on teens and pre-teens because they work in two very different areas of learning: academic understanding and emotional experience. For the learning to go deeper, it is necessary that the learning actually shape behavior. This is where Hey U.G.L.Y.’s evidence-based program is special and powerful. Every lesson creates an emotional experience, an ‘aha moment’, for the learner, and then records the feeling in some way. Students leave the learning setting with new emotional understanding about what it means to live in a successful human community.” Sue Bryant, PHD retired Principal & Teacher



HUE-MAN BEING PROJECT     $63.50  Art & Music Component Included

Mandated Learning Standards
Language Arts/Health & Wellness, Point of View, Music, Art
This activity sets the foundation for Hey U.G.L.Y.’s self-esteem and empathy-building program. Please execute this activity before any other ELAP.

Learning Outcomes of the Hue-man Being Project
Upon completion of this ELAP your students will be able to:

Identify how their negative thoughts affect themselves and others
Assume responsibility for how they view others
Recognize when they are negatively judging themselves and others
Understand how their negative self-thoughts impact their daily lives
Have empathy for themselves and others by converting negative judgments into positive judgments

Teach students how to recognize when they are negatively judging and stereotyping others and themselves

Show them how to replace negative judgments with positive ones

Impress upon students the connection we share in spite of our skin being hued differently

This activity is designed to help teens and pre-teens realize that they have much in common with their fellow humans of varying races. The HUE of our skin should not keep us from interconnecting and creating a world of harmony and hue-manity.

NOTE TO FACILITATORS: Go to to see a mini-documentary of the Hue-Man Being Art Project including the circle exercise and a feature segment by Linda Ellerbee on Nick News.


I CAN SEE ELAP    $21.00

Learning Standards
Language Arts/Health & Wellness, Point of View

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Engage in various visualization exercises that demonstrate the positive and negative images they form of themselves, and how these images have the ability to influence their moods    Learn strategies for using positive visualization techniques  Assert themselves  Stand up for what they believe

The primary objective of this session is to show teens and pre-teens how to use visualization as a tool for replacing negative self-images with positive ones.

Students will learn to:
Look inside themselves
Explore their attitudes and beliefs
Identify personal accomplishments and self-worth



Learning Standards
Language Arts/Health & Wellness, Point of View

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Recognize the power within themselves that helps them survive difficult situations

Identify their strengths and confidence. This will help them develop the strength to survive in the face of unpredictable or uncontrollable situations.

Help students get through tough times by reflecting upon difficult situations that they survived in the past.



Learning Standards
Social Studies, Ethics

Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Identify positive public role models from those that should not be admired

Discern what media messages can build a person’s self-esteem and those that can hurt self-esteem

Help students distinguish between positive and negative role models and behaviors. Teens and pre-teens are inundated with news about celebrities and often put them on a pedestal. This activity will help students differentiate the “hype” from reality. It will enable them to see that some behaviors are admirable, while others are not.



Learning Standards
Social Studies, Math

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this session, students will be able to:

Recognize that they have the ability to choose what they spend their time thinking about

Change their opinions about their value as a human being

The primary objective of this session is to help teens and pre-teens understand that the way they feel about themselves is significantly impacted by their self-concept. Teens and pre-teens who spend time worrying about their inadequacies and/or how they wish they were different, tend to have lower self-esteem.



Learning Standards
Science, Health, English, Public Speaking

Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Identify dangerous habits that can harm their bodies

Discover a deeper connection with themselves

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Help students get in touch with their bodies, learn to love themselves and discover how things like substance abuse, nicotine, piercing, heavy back packs, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, etc., can harm them.



Learning Standard
Language Social Studies

Learning Outcome
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Recognize and create harmonious happenings in their life
Recognize and create random acts of kindness



Learning Standards
Language Arts/Health & Wellness, Point of View

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Recognize that they are deserving
Discover many things to be grateful for in their lives
Embrace the gift of forgiveness

Teach students valuable lessons to help them embrace deservedness, gratitude and forgiveness.



Learning Standards
Creative Writing, English, Social Studies

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Recognize their individual philosophies about what constitutes positive self-esteem

Realize how holding on to their power can stop bullying

The primary goal of this session is to have teens and pre-teens communicate to themselves and others the importance of having positive self-esteem.


STICKS & STONES    $21.00

Learning Standards
English, Social Studies

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP, students will be able to:

Understand that we have the power and right to reprocess hurtful words that are hurled at us. While words DO hurt, we have tools to control the depth and length of that pain.


Engage students in a demonstration of the adverse power of negative words. Teach them how to turn negatives into positives through the use of acronyms.



Learning Standards
English, Music

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this ELAP students will be able to:

Work collectively to select three songs that will inspire teens and pre-teens to feel good about themselves

Create positive intergenerational self-esteem-building messages

Encourage adults to listen to positive self-esteem-building messages that are designed to help them relate more effectively with youths

The goal of this class is to encourage students to listen to songs that inspire positive self-esteem, equality, a healthy planet, peace and/or never giving up.

Click here for Mental Health Experts’ Recommendations of Hey U.G.L.Y.

Click here for Mental Health Experts’ Recommendations of Hey U.G.L.Y.