“October is National  Bully Prevention Month! So, to kick things off over the next few weeks, I’m recording some songs that have meant a lot to me over the years. These songs helped me through hard times as a kid, and they continue to be significant to me in my life. I’m singing them for you now in hopes that they’ll make your days easier too!”

“Here is my first self-esteem building song, just for you. Click the picture below to watch.”

“I am inviting you, your friends and family to help support Hey U.G.L.Y.,
a nonprofit organization I work with that was hurt due to Covid-19.”

“Scroll below to see all the ways you can help make a difference.
If you’d like to connect with me personally, go to”



The fact that you are here tells us YOU care about young people and our website, school assemblies and programs that are saving the lives of young people who are suicidal due to bullying.

Hey U.G.L.Y. is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on your generous tax-deductible donations.

Please scroll through our support options, some of which also enable you to help a local school or student.

Our reach is international.

Thank you in advance for your much needed support. 


Please Help Fund Our Lifesaving Website
Call 219-814-4224 For Sponsorship Opportunities
Donate $10, $20 or whatever you can


Gift A School Our Addiction
and Suicide Prevention Program



Gift A School Our Stop Bullying
Task Force Program W/Sustainability

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Gift a School
Our Ending Racism Program

During this time of COVID-19…

Children are reported to be experiencing high amounts of stress from being isolated due to COVID-19 and quarantine. Our friend, professional vocalist/songwriter/entertainer and certified trauma-certified yoga instructor, Devyn Rush, has offered to conduct private yoga and meditation sessions, as well as private concerts via Zoom to your home or classroom!Her voice is amazing but don’t take our word for it. Jennifer Lopez told Devyn…”Your voice is a star,” on American Idol. Students are in awe of her voice and the messages of her songs. She has helped thousands of young people through Hey U.G.L.Y.’s I AM ENOUGH self-esteem & empathy-building bullying/suicide prevention school assemblies. Some students even say she saved their lives.

YOU can gift a child, or classroom a private experience! If you have a specific child or school in mind, email the name and contact info of the child or classroom. Otherwise, we have a wait list of schools and children that will benefit. We will coordinate all the details and keep you posted throughout the process!

Gift a School Hey U.G.L.Y.’s  Virtual Self-Esteem & Empathy-Building Bullying/Suicide Prevention Assembly

yoga lesson
Private Yoga Session
45 Mins For Youth and/or Parents


Private Meditation Session
45 Mins For Youth and/or Parents


Private Concert by Devyn Rush
45 Mins Featuring Inspiring Songs

If you would prefer to donate by mail, our address is: Hey U.G.L.Y., PO Box 2142, Michigan City, IN 46361

If your company has a matching donation program, email
or call 219-814-4224 to coordinate.

You can also support Hey U.G.L.Y. by shopping at our store. Click one of the T-shirts to see cool stuff.

Would you like to play a bigger role? Call 219-814-4224 or email: re:

♦  Corporate Sponsorships  ♦ Fund raising locally  ♦ Volunteering  ♦ Adopting A School in your area   ♦ Opening a local chapter

To encourage your friends to donate to our cause click here for our DONATION LETTER

If you know any youth you think may be suicidal, please refer them to the website, specifically these pages:  Suicidal?    Self-bullying    HELP!



 Hey U.G.L.Y., Inc.