Christina Applegate



“I’ve seen things written that are really hurtful to me and very painful. I like to look on our ABC blog for feedback on the show. It is supposed to be [a place for people] to talk about the episodes, not about whether I look old. I had one person say I needed to start wearing a bra, and now all I’m doing is thinking about my boobs and if they’re saggy. But I just think, Oh, c’mon, Christina! You have to let go and know who you really are. I don’t mind my flaws. When you’re younger, it feels like the end of the world if you make a mistake or if you have a zit. Now it’s like, Who cares? Just try to be happy. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to other people. Do good work. Be professional. All those things are really important.

I’m a big yes-I-will-do-whatever-you-want, people pleasing person, which I think is left over from my youth. I grew up really quickly. I had to be incredibly responsible and show up to work on time and be focused and clear. But now I know what’s going to push me too hard, and I don’t want to be taken advantage of. In this business, you’re treated like you’re a superwoman who can do everything, and you can’t. You’ve got to be able to take time for yourself. So I definitely try to say ‘No’ more. Recently, one of my friends said, ‘You need to get out of your house.’ But why? I’ve got everything I need here. I have my animals. I have a refrigerator. I have my pool. My favorite thing to do is play with my dogs and cats. I think it’s important to have time to reflect and be quiet and just think. I enjoy my alone time. ¬†Self

“The truth is, I was the ugly, dorky duckling growing up. Even when I would do the show [Married With Children], I would walk away wearing baggy clothes. I was just so under-confident in what I looked like. I never looked in the mirror and never thought that I was a pretty girl. Boys never hit on me. I really wanted to be that hoochie mama in the club, the one that guys all wanted to look at and grab, but I just could not be that person.”

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