Category: Celebrities Who Were Bullied

Nathalie Emmanuel

“Not everyone is going to be kind, and not everyone is going to be respectful on social media. Sometimes those comments can get into the psyche, but I am not going to go crazy because of some keyboard warrior somewhere. That doesn’t stop me wanting to be who I am or say what I think or do the things I do.  I workout and I aim for health- I don’t aim to be skinny. I’m over that sort of pressure. I just want to feel good. Yoga helps me de-stress, and meditation has helped me identify things that I need to heal from. That has made me a much happier and more confident person. I’m very proud of my journey, I’m just being myself, and that’s all I can try to do.” People Magazine

Isabela Peruvian

“Everywhere you go, kids can be mean.” “In school, classmates openly expressed their opinions about me and made fun of the ‘weird’ way I spoke. Hearing me translate Spanish into English and jumbling phrases into things like ‘house brown’ or ‘car big’ would usually provoke much laughter. After that, I became extremely self-conscious. To this day, I still check myself before I say anything, like, ‘Is this cool to say? Is this going to make me fit in?'” Isabela added, “Embracing my culture. I realized it’s what makes me unique. Embracing who we are is what leads us home.” GL

Jillian Michaels

“In eighth grade, I weighed 175 pounds and my nose was the size of a softball. Once, I was sitting at lunch and got surrounded by a bunch of kids who let me have it about how ugly I was – my unibrow, the fat rolling over my jeans. I was pure hell. My mom had to pull me out and put me in another school.”
 Jillian Michaels Women’s Health  Magazine