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Emily Blunt


Emily landed her first professional job at the age of 18 playing Judi Dench’s granddaughter in the London stage production of A Royal Family.

“Judi taught me to make sure the job was as joyful as possible for yourself and for everyone around you. I’m so grateful for that role. Without it I may have been handcuffed to doing period dramas. It was the most incredible platform. You can’t out Julie Julie Andrews. That would just be a ridiculous idea. I made my own version, even though my children still cry out for the Julie Andrews version in our house. I didn’t win my own children over. It’s wonderful when you see them become their own little people. I think they come out the way they’re meant to. They’re like bowling balls. They come out, and you’re the bumpers trying to make sure they don’t get too hurt. But they’re on their own path. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to have the time together with my family because I think I will probably look back on it and realize how precious it’s really been. You get to rediscover the beauty of things by seeing life through their eyes. I count my blessings.” People Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow


“I won an Oscar when I was 26, I was really young. My philosophy is that fame is not very good for us as people because everybody starts removing obstacles and I think all of your friction is actually what makes you grow and so all of a sudden I was this pretty young woman and everyone was removing my obstacles and I got to stop waiting in line etc. Whatever the case was, and I think incrementally, I started just behaving a little strangely or a little weird. And my father sat me down one day and he said in his inimitable Brooklyn way, ‘Um, you’re kind of turning into an a******.”’

Darrell Hammond

DARRELL HAMMOND quote from the Cracked Up documentary

“I think it’s important to see a qualified trauma therapist. Treating trauma as opposed to other less serious conditions. You get hit by a car you’re not ashamed. You’re struggling mentally you feel ashamed. It’s silly, ya know something happened to me. You say something is systematic progressive and fatal, you’re talking about a number of illnesses that kill effectively. And trauma is one.”

Laura Harrier

LAURA HARRIER quote in Cosmopolitan Magazine

“I definitely believe that mental health care should be prioritized just as much as physical health. There’s been such a long history of ignoring mental health problems, of saying, ‘Oh, just suck it up’ or ‘I’m a strong black woman. That doesn’t happen to me.’ All of these tropes that we’ve been taught over generations, when actually, I think given generational trauma, of course there are a lot of mental health issues with the black community. I’ve been working with a really amazing Loa Angeles based organization called BEAM, which stands for Black Emotional And Mental Health Collective. They help people find resources, therapists, and also natural care, like Reiki. I try to meditate. I can’t say that I’m the best with my track record of doing it every day, but I try to at least do some deep breathing. I noticed I literally forget to breathe, which sounds wild, but sometimes I’m like ‘Wait, I haven’t taken a real breath all day.’ and just taking 30 seconds to sit and do deep belly breathing is a game changer. Also, I think it’s so common to talk only about self-care as meditation, yoga, and working out, which are all important, but sometimes self-care is having a glass of wine with your best friend and laughing and watching s***** reality TV . Watching The Bachelor and drinking wine with my girls is awesome. Sometimes that’s the self-care that you need.

Holding emotion in is not only not good mentally but not good physically. Physical manifestations of stress are very real. I’ve had weird little skin things or backaches and it’s like, okay, what is the actual roof cause of this? Maybe it’s because I’m super stressed or upset and I’m not dealing with it?”