Category: Emotional Awareness

Weird Al Yankovic

“Sometimes I think that what I do is frivolous or silly, but then I hear from people saying that they were going through a very hard time, feeling depressed, some even saying they were on the brink of suicide, and that listening to my music helped them get beyond that. That’s extremely meaningful to me.” -People


Viola Davis

“I empower her to understand that she has to count it all as joy. Even her mistakes, her failures, her triumphs, what she looks like, all of it. That’s all a part of her loving herself, even if none of those things change. So I just tell her she’s worth it. Even if I am combing her hair, and she’s crying… she does not have to be a perfect little girl. There’s no such thing. It’s okay to be vulnerable, and there’s strength in vulnerability.” -People