Category: Dating

Sara Bareilles

“I meditate every morning for at least 15 or 20 minutes. I first got into it after reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. A dear friend gave it to me while I was going through a really bad breakup, and it taught me about sitting with what is uncomfortable. With meditation I find everything about my life improves: my health, my sleep, my habits, my emotional state and my energy. I have struggled with body image issues my whole life. I’ll turn 42 in December, and I’m trying to embrace that my body doesn’t do what it used to. Ultimately, whether one pair of jeans fits or not, I can still enjoy the world and the people I love.” -People

Amanda Seyfried

“I don’t think you need a lot of products to feel clean and beautiful. We all want to be attractive to somebody, and it doesn’t have to take so much. It’s interesting what sticks around in your head when you think about beauty. Because when you’re going on a date or out to the movies and you’re seeing your crush, you think about what you’re going to look like. It’s never as good in person, but you still feel beautiful anyway. When you love somebody, you just don’t see what they look like. You don’t pay attention.” -ALLURE

Fran Drescher

“It helps you to accept life as it presents itself and be grateful for it. Getting really connected to myself has been a great journey. Now I’m not even feeling like I have to be in a relationship, because I’m in a relationship with myself. And it’s going quite well.” -People

LeAnn Rimes

“Since I was a child, my self-confidence was based on what others thought of me. So the public shaming penetrated on a deep level. There was such a weight on my marriage and my friendships because I was looking to them to help me. I needed to be by myself and figure my issues out on my own. I wouldn’t trade anything I’ve been through. Every time I sink back into depression. I think, ‘What’s the lesson here?’ There is always something good, if we look for it.” -People


Miranda Lambert

“Finding happiness and being at peace with yourself, it’s a long journey, but I’ve really gotten to a great place. I’m my best self in cutoffs at the farm with no makeup. All I want to do is dream, live in the moment and spend time doing things I love with my friends and family. Going through hard things obviously makes you get to know yourself better. When you get broken down pretty good, you look at the mirror and you go, ‘I have to spend some time with me, learn who I am and what I want.’ I got to a really good place with myself. Then I met my husband. Without the hard stuff the chaos, the crazy schedule, the heartbreak, the falling in love, the falling out of love. I wouldn’t be who I am. I’m thankful for the lessons, even though they hurt at the time.” -People

Jake Picking

“Just watching a movie is kind of a cop-out. I want to talk. Genuine kindness is probably the sexiest quality anyone can have, but the ability to be vulnerable is also very desirable. When I’m embarrassing myself, that’s probably when I’m having the most fun.” -Cosmopolitan