Brad Pitt


BRAD PITT gives the secret on what girls should do to attract a guy:

“It’s a misconception that a girl has to do something to catch a guy’s attention. It just happens. There are no tricks. In fact, when you have to get tricky, it’s not worth it. You know what makes a guy take notice? If you don’t let him disrespect you. If some guy makes a stupid remark and a girl doesn’t let it get to her because she knows who she is – then she’s won. “

The reporter then asked Brad …What advice would you give teens about resisting peer pressure? He replied: “I’m probably the wrong person to ask. I believe in exploration-but smart exploration, not dangerous. If you’re feeling pressured to try certain things that don’t feel right to you, go with your gut instincts. It’ll never steer you wrong.”¬†¬†Teen People

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