Christina Ricci

CHRISTINA RICCI  on feeling ugly

“I got ugly. Throughout my childhood, my favorite [rejection] was: She looks too healthy. They wanted that really gaunt, runaway girl kind of look. I was, like, Mom, I thought you could never be too healthy. She (Christina’s mom) said, “Ignore them.”” Movieline Magazine

“I was really fat for a year. I was ugly. People would come up to me in the street and say, “Weren’t you Wednesday in The Addams Family? God, you’ve gotten so fat. I felt I was a separate person from the person they were talking about, and I’d want to take them aside and scold them: You can’t talk to me like that. Being overweight made it so hard for me to get films. I didn’t work for a year because of it, and it was devastating.” Interview Magazine

“As a teenager, I didn’t like to look in mirrors. I’d put collages and stuff over them; left the lights off in the bathroom. Those are the years when I feel like you hate yourself or love yourself.” Elle Girl

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