Sandra Bullock

SANDRA BULLOCK  on being bullied

“I hated my whole childhood, hated it, hated it, hated it. There was no place for me. I was not accepted here. I was noticeably different. I was awkward. I was in the wrong clothes. I would get the sh_t kicked out of me constantly. My mother would be like, ‘That’s ridiculous. Why would anyone do that?’ I’m coming home with my hair a mess, crying. Finally a guidance counselor came to my house and said, ‘We have a problem. They are picking on her, and I don’t know what to do about it.’ And I was so angry at my mother. She was like, ‘Obviously something you are doing.’ … I’m so thankful for it now because it definitely gives you the empathetic view of humanity.”¬†Vogue

“Realizing that conforming didn’t accomplish anything. I was so preppy-everything was monogrammed and everything had to match. It was such a stress. Being popular was so much work! Do your own thing. As long as you learn that, you’re cool.” Teen People Magazine

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