Clarity of Possibilities

Clarity of Possibilities

By Ralph Martson

Most of the limitations you experience are largely defined, supported and given energy by your own perceptions. Change those perceptions, genuinely raise your expectations, and the limitations will begin to melt away.
The experience of limitation is only one way, out of many possible ways you have, for relating to a particular situation. You are always free to make another choice, to relate to your circumstances in a more positive, empowering way. Though one approach may be blocked, it is only one of many possible approaches. Limitations are always finite, yet the number of positive possibilities is unlimited. Whatever is holding you back is doing so because you have accepted it as something that’s holding you back. Imagine what would happen if you accepted, with just as much certainty, the very real possibility of moving forward.

Are you looking at the world through the fog of limitation or are you seeing the bright, shining clarity of your best possibilities? The way you choose to perceive where you are can make a world of difference in where you end up going.

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