Change For The Better

Change For The Better

By Ralph Martson

Even when it is not possible to change anything else for the better, you can always change yourself for the better. Even in the most desperate situations, when no other option is available, you always can decide upon your own attitude. Just as it is entirely possible to be miserable in even the most pleasant surroundings, so too is it possible to be positive and effective in the most difficult circumstances. Always bear in mind that your attitude is whatever you decide it is going to be.

So why would you ever want to go through so much as a single moment with a negative, defeated attitude? There is simply nothing of value that it can accomplish. On the other hand, when you choose a positive focus, even the setbacks and disappointments can end up working in your favor. For you will be open to the positive possibilities that do surely exist in those seemingly hopeless situations.

The hope is there, the way forward is there, when you make up your mind to see it and live it. When life is stubbornly negative, keep your attitude positive. When nothing else will change for the better, change your own thoughts for the better. And you’ll soon see everything else following positively along.

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