Stop All The Competition

Stop All The Competition

By A.J. Mahari

Competition… is everywhere these days. It is one of the root causes of conflict – everyday conflict, all the way up to warfare between countries. In our lives we often may find that we have competing interests, wants, needs and/or desires. Friends compete with each other. Who will look the best? Who is the thinnest? Who can be seen as the most successful and so on. There is even competition for our values, morals and beliefs.

We are saturated by media. They are all competing to take our money — not to help us out in any way. Why is there so much competition? What has happened to the co-operative spirit? Each of us has to assess for him/herself, in his/her life, what amount of competition is acceptable and what they are willing to sacrifice in the name of competition. Not all competition is bad but too often it gets out of hand. Real learning can only come about when the competitive spirit has ceased. It is then, and only then that we truly seek to learn.

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