Jordyn Woods


¬†“Depending on the day, my skin can be completely clear…or a blemish-ridden mess. My hair is either sleek and shiny…or dull and frizzy. And sometimes, no matter how I might appear in a picture, I just feel crummy about the way I look. I can easily tell when a photographer has Photoshopped my face or body-you’d e surprised at how often it happens. It’s so sad when girls look at a highly edited picture of me and say, “Why don’t I look like her?” Hello, I’ve een airbrushed! So instead of comparing, I’m trying to focus on being the best version of myself. That might mean I wear makeup sometimes (it’s fun!) and use my favorite tricks for taking good selfies(natural lighting is key). But it also means that on the days I feel like waking up and rolling out with my face completely bare and my hair in a messy bun, I’m going to do that too-because I’ve realized there’s no better feeling than when you actually woke up like this” ¬†Girls Life

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