Chris Evans



 On meditation:  “It was one of the most eye-opening expriences of my life. I had never really meditated before. I’d tried it, but I’d always been very aware of my thoughts. While I was over there [studying with a guru] you do it every day. And I really unlocked a little door in myself. My mind was really noisy, and I had a lot of questions. My guru would just say, ‘Chris, shhh.’ I had questions every five minutes. A lot of our sadness and fears – and suffering – is born out of this unnecessary constant narrative. The only reason the brain wants those questions is because it’s aware of the past, and it’s fearful of the future. The truth is, you are not your thoughts. If you are able to surrender and let your brain be quiet – just for a minute – a real sens of beauty emerges.” Elle Magazine

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