India Arie


“One of the things that I’ve worked my way out of doing, and I knew that I needed to, was comparing myself to other people. That just poisons everything. It all of a sudden determines even clothes you’re going to choose to wear that day or what you’re going to do with the a music production or how you’re going to sequence it. It poisons everything. Your real job in the world is to be you.  Comparing yourself to other people I think that hurt me more than anything.  Allowing myself to go there so much in my head hurt me.

Your self-worth is your job. It’s your sacred space to cultivate cause there’s always going to be somebody who comes along and says you’re not thin enough or your hair’s not ‘that’ enough or your voice’s not high enough, you’re not going to make it in the music industry because you don’t sound like all the others. There always has to be somebody who comes along and says something like that but if you can remind yourself that they’re wrong because you know your own path and you can just remind yourself. And one of the things I do know after all the healing work I’ve done is I sit in my journal or my meditation time what would I do about this thing, whatever it is – sometimes I think it’s an opportunity I’m not ready for – sometimes it somebody telling me that I can’t or I’m not worthy – and I sit in my private space and I say, I really just play it all out- I can visualize it or I write it – and I say …What would I do if I knew I was 100% worthy of this? What would I do?”  Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey


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