Alex Molina

“I grew up in a very abusive home. My mother could never show affection towards us. When I was young and I first was homeless my escape was always school. For me, from an early age, I knew that what was going to take me out of my homelessness was my education. I got a degree in sociology and with that I wanted to help people. I feel that’s my calling… that’s my purpose in life. I got hired at Covenant House and became a case manager. That’s a full-circle moment right there for me. I often have youth look at me and say, ‘you don’t know what it’s like to live herE.’ I look at them in the eye and tell them I slept in these hallways. I slept in those bunk beds and I made it to college and I made something of myself and now I’m here giving back to you guys. So… I do know.”  Soul Sundays with Oprah 

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