Drew Barrymore


DREW BARRYMORE on happiness, body image, relationships and more

“I think happiness is a choice. I believe luck is your attitude. It sounds like a really annoying bumper sticker. But there is such a great truth in that. You choose how you want to feel about what happens to you. I could have been a miserable failure. I haven’t had anybody looking over me, and I’ve found my own way through optimistic exploration and fire-burning mistakes. I am a very happy person with an extraordinary life, so I must be doing a lot of things right. I really believe when you peel away the layers, the worlds is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.”  Elle

In an article in the February 23 issue of People magazine when asked about her life after the house fire and the demise of her marriage to Tom Green, Drew said, “…..All of a sudden I was free to be exactly who I wanted to be rather than who I thought I had to be for anyone else or anything else.”  Did you know that Drew was called “Fatso” by the boys when she was in school? Yes she was. When asked about her wild days of drinking she said, “…..I’d been suffocating myself with trying to be such a good person that I realized I was making myself miserable.” “…..I can feel beautiful on the inside-and I can tell that shows on the outside. It’s amazing to me.”

“Maybe it’s different for every person, but my personal downfall in a relationship is losing a sense of myself, getting too involved in their world and their opinions and their lifestyle. I always have to struggle to be my own person, whether it’s as stupid as what I like to eat for breakfast or as big as how to conduct myself as an individual. What’s saving me in this relationship is the fact that I feel like I’m remaining my own person.” She also said, “…..If we could just admit our faults, at least we could be human. I think what became more important to me was not how other people saw me but how I saw myself. I do run a company. I am consistent at work. My bosses think that I will show up on time, and I’m reliable to them. I can respect myself. That ended up becoming the important journey for me.  And, of course, I’ll always be a bit of a ridiculous clown, ’cause I just can’t help it.” Glamour

“I think that it is so important to believe in yourself and believe in your empowerment and not wait for someone to rescue you and do it for you. That you can go out there and create it all for yourself.”  In The Actor’s Studio

“During my teen years … I was awkward; I had braces; I was overweight. I was always teased. It’s so funny because it’s always those kids who get beaten up in school who end up triumphing. It’s almost like you need that to build character-even though it’s painful to go through it.” Teen People

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