Hillary Swank


“I’m just a girl from a trailor park who had a dream.” 2005 Academy Awards acceptance speech

“There are things about my childhood that I regret, that my mom regrets, that my dad regrets, and I think that my brother regrets, which is that my parents were so troubled in their relationship that we were kind of neglected at times. The other side of my childhood so overshadows that, though, that it’s not something I tend to bring up. Ultimately, my parents did the best they could. A lot of people hold on to something not being the way they think it should’ve been, and they’re messed up because of it. And what’s sad about that is that life will be over for your parents one day, and you can be left with what you could have made of the relationship, but didn’t. My dad wasn’t in my life very much when I was growing up, but I decided that I didn’t want his life to be over and for me to say, “Oh, if I’d only grown up I could’ve had an adult relationship with him.” I’m so glad I have my dad in my life right now. Interview

“One of the first producers I worked with told me I had a horrible forehead and my lips were too big.”  US Weekly

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