Alicia Keys


“Another thing I remember was I was so eager to clear the negative people. Any negative people or toxic energy, I was like, ‘They gotta go!’ Between what I was actually taking into my body and what I was energetically taking into my body, I remember that it was a huge catalyst to starting to have better skin. That’s where this idea of ‘soul care’ started to dawn on me and make sense. In so many ways our confidence truly does affect how we appear to others and to ourselves and how we walk in the world what you bring with you, your spirit and your energy. We talk about skin care and hair care and nail care and body care and all the cares, but we never talk about soul care, and that’s what makes you the most beautiful. When I’m lighting a candle I always set an intention. In my head I’ll just say, Today, I’m going to feel more joy than I ever felt. If it’s in the evening, Tonight, I will relax completely and let everything go that’s worrying me. I really learned how to believe in things like that. That’s something I didn’t know for a long time because I was always trying to hold things in or protect myself or not give away too much. I didn’t realize in a lot of ways I was not being clear about what it was I needed. If I’ve had a hard day, or hard week, or I’m feeling extra judgmental or dealing with a lot, I will set the intention, Today, I’m going to have ultimate clarity about what I need. You can make an intention and ask for whatever you need to receive.”¬†Allure

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