Keke Palmer


“I got tired of trying to be who everybody wanted me to be. There’s always going to be something that people hate me for, whether it’s wanting me to not be black, or a woman, or tall, or short, or skinny, or thick. Other people might love me for it, but I don’t want to constantly change who I am for outside validation. That just sounds like hell. I was constantly hiding myself and felt shame about having acne. So instead of getting to the bottom of my acne and trying to understand it. I was covering it up. trying to be perfect. But you’re never going to get to the nitty-gritty of something when you do a lot of covering up. I feel more beautiful when I;m being kind and of service to others. I’m happy to be alone just vibing with myself. The only person you’ll always have is you, so you really have to be kind to that person. During a recent Peloton class, I went so hard that by the end I was hugging myself like, ‘Girl, you’re amazing.’ I don’t run from my past, and I’m not ashamed that I came from poverty. I want other people to know they’re beautiful not in spite of, but because of, where they come from. It’s not about changing who you are to step through the doors; it’s about being who you are when you get there.”¬†InSTYLE

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