Alanis Morissette

ALANIS MORISSETTE quote in Allure Magazine

“Wellness, to me, doesn’t mean perfection or living by a standard that is unrealistic. Wellness has a lot to do with the word ‘wholeness.’ It’s sort of staying connected to self, God, and other. I’m a big fan of Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz. That model of psychotherapy very much helps me to connect with different parts of myself, some that are deemed by society as negative, challenging, dark parts, like addressing depression or anxiety. I had a panic attack yesterday. I just went, boom, right into my tool kit. Okay, what do I do here? I quickly ran a bath epsom salts, magnesium, lavender. Call in all ops! [laughs]

Personally, because I feel like sharing might be helpful in some way, I have a little life pie that I reference visually. Pretty much every journal I have, if you open the front page, it’s the pie. I just take a glance at them and immediately my eye will be pulled toward that which I have been neglecting. My life pie includes, I’m just going to draw it while I’m talking. Family and friends, body: somatic experiencing, trauma recovery. Spirit: It’s really silence. With three children under 11, I’ve been known to go into my closet on the ground in the dark. If I’m going to a television studio anywhere in the world, my first question is usually, ‘Is there a room with a door that I can close? Where I can go for a few minutes just to catch my breath, recharge my batteries.’

Then there’s being expressed. So much of my depression comes from my not expressing sadness, grief, and anger. Usually, a grief or a loneliness, or some false thought that got into my mind really, really young and I just kept believing it, even though it was never true. Feeling that I’ve processed enough is important, and that can include venting with friends, feeling expressed artistically, designing something. Marriage is a big one. It’s tough with three kids, but my husband, Souleye, and I try to sneak away as much as possible.

Being on top of my business and finances. I feel like the patriarchy just pats women on the head especially artists. I have been shamed for looking after my money and shamed for not looking after my money. You can’t win! So I just keep showing up. Brain rest: binge watching tv. Floating, wandering time. Mind wondering, As an artist and someone who loves to philosophize, I can’t get those messages, for lack of a better term, if everything is jampacked, including my mind and environment. SO just time to sit. Easier said than done last year with three kids schooling at home¬† my eyes are crossed.” -ALLURE

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