Category: Body Image

Brooke Shields

“Growing up under such scrutiny led me to feel insecure about my looks. When I was younger, I never loved being in a swimsuit because I picked apart the way I looked in them. It took me years to separate the opinions of others from my own.”
 Brooke Shields People Magazine

Jonah Hill

“The journey is self-acceptance and self-love. I believe everybody has this snapshot of themselves. It’s a snapshot that they kinda want to hide from the world. And mine was being like this 14-year old over weight kid kinda feeling ugly to the world wanting to fit in with this group of skateboarders. People are all just different but they hurt just as much. It was a liberating way to spend these last few years figuring out who I am as a person, how do you love yourself, and how do you be yourself and be the artist that you are with out apologizing                                                for it”
                                                                     Jonah Hill Late Night with Seth Myers

Mandy Moore

 “It’s a combination of getting older and wiser and going through the hard knocks of a divorce. You realize, I’m not going to take anyone’s shit. It’s emboldened me. There’s power in saying no and in asking for what you deserve. There is power in knowing your value.”
     Mandy Moore People Magazine

Hugh Jackman

  “I want to tell my kids that it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you are, it doesn’t matter what job you do, it doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly, if you’re tall or short, man or woman, what race you are. What defines you as a human being is underneath all that”
     Hugh Jackman People Magazine