Annabelle Wallis


“Living in a foreign country taught me as an adult to ask questions and be inquisitive about why I feel like I don’t fit in, and where should I fit in? Where do I want to be? It gave me a sense of needing to find my place and figure out who I was. I guess I learned to anchor myself in my personality and the essence of who I was, rather than attaching myself to an external structure. I was always quite shy growing up. I remember choosing clothes and then second-guessing myself, saying ‘Oh no, it’s too this or it’s too that or it’s too sexy, or you’re not giving off the right impression.’ And I realized that for a long time, I was using fashion to hide aspects of myself, and now I don’t care. I want to express myself in the way I want to express myself. I always thought you had to have one style, and I could never do that. One minute I was a tomboy, then I was super elegant, everyday was different. And now I fully embrace that I enjoy fashion much more.” ELLE

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